Internet-Statements 2000

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IS 2000/1  Grußbotschaft zu Neujahr 2000 - General Message of Greeting

IS 2000/2  The Uprising of January 1919 - The Commemorative Demonstration of the Year 2000

IS 2000/3  A lecture in "Democracy" (German)

IS 2000/4  Realities of Nordrhein-Westfalen
                  -Why the SPD-Green-Governement deserves its Withdrawal
                         (April 17th, 2000)     (German)

IS 2000/5  May Day - Provocation Day in Germany

IS 2000/6  Commission in Germany propagates new Militarism and Interventionism

IS 2000/7  Press Quotes on the Restructuring of the Bundeswehr (German)

IS 2000/8  For the Last Time - Current Remarks on the Election in Nordrhein-Westfalen  (German)

IS 2000-9  About the 'Deutsche Bank's demand to step off Nuclear Energy (April 4th, 2000)  (German)

IS 2000-10 Radio- and TV-Journalist shouts abuse at Neue Einheit   (German)

IS 2000-11 In the Media: Interventionism Army suddenly disappeared   (German)

IS 2000-12 About the Background of Jo Behrendt  (German)

IS 2000-13 On Nuclear Energy (Answer to Uwe Schwarz)  (German)

IS 2000-14 On Abandoning off Nuclear Energy (German)

IS 2000-15 On Abandoning Nuclear Energy (German)

IS 2000-16 USA and Nuclear Energy - Some facts about US-Reactor Technology  (German)

IS 2000-17 The Significance of the So-Called Consensus about the Closure of Nuclear Energy
                    Memorandum by Hartmut Dicke   July 7, 2000

IS 2000-18 Theocrat Khatami´s Visit in Germany

IS 2000-19 The "battle" for Tax Reform (German)

IS 2000-20 Down with the Ökosteuer (Ecological Tax)!  (German)

IS 2000-21 The Decisive Capital Groups (German)

IS 2000-22 On the protest of the truck drivers in Berlin from Sept, 26  (German)

IS 2000-23 Who is Vojislav Kostunica?

IS 2000-24 The Yugoslavian elections and the West    Oct 4, 2000

IS 2000-25The Overthrow of Oct.5th in Belgrade (German)
          - Postscript to Our Declaration of Oct.4th

IS 2000-26After the Beginning of a New Situation (German)
                       - Résumé of the Previous Development Since 1991

IS 2000-27The Government Schröder - Fischer - Däubler-Gmelin: Hypocrites!
                    About the role of neo nazi groups  Nov 8, 2000 (German)

IS 2000-28The Speech of Paul Spiegel   Nov 9, 2000 (German)

IS 2000-29  Against the nonsense of Thomas Biegel: Documents  19. Nov.2000  (German)

IP 2000-30  Document about: Racism - Zionism - Nazism   (German)

IP 2000-31  Karl Liebknecht on Social Democracy and Homosexualism

IS 2000-32  Down with the Marriage Law for Homosexuals!    Nov 29, 2000   (German)

IS 2000-33  Let the facts further tell us, Mr. Biegel  (German)

IS 2000-34  Homosexualism and Nazism   (German)

IS 2000-35  Concerning W.Brotzler's Replies  (German)

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