Internet-Statements 2003
Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists.

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IS 2003-64 December 31. The 35th Anniversary of the Founding of the KPD/ML - Documents  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-63 Daniel Behruzi's Misrepresentation of the 'Frankfurter Aktionskonferenz' in the "Jungen Welt"  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-62

Unfortunately an Issue at the 'Frankfurter Konferenz': The MLPD - or:  About Nuisance  (GERMAN)

IS 2003-61 Report from Frankfurt: The 'Aktionskonferenz' II (GERMAN)
IS 2003-60 Impressions of a Certain Obtrusive Appearance at the ' Aktionskonferenz' in Frankfurt a. M. on 03/12/13 (GERMAN)
IS 2003-59 The 'Aktionskonferenz' 03/12/13 in Frankfurt
The 'Hannoveraner' in Frankfurt - what you will have to reckon
IS 2003-58

Proposal for the 'Perspektivendiskussion' - Contribution of GNE at the 'Aktionskonferenz' II Frankfurt/M. 03/12/13 (GERMAN)

IS 2003-57 Important Integration Meeting in Berlin 03/12/01 (GERMAN)
IS 2003-56 Students Occupy PDS Headquarter - A Hint also for the Movement against Social Plundering (GERMAN)
IS 2003-55 Comments about the draft for the Appeal of Manifestation of the Social Forums Bochum, Dortmund und Surrounding Area (GERMAN)
IS 2003-54 The 'Wisdoms' of Stefan Engel - MLPD   03/11/08 (GERMAN)
IS 2003-53 About the upcoming date in Berlin 9th of November 2003  03/11/08 (GERMAN)
IS 2003-52 The Great Manifestation and how it goes on. Hartmut Dicke 03/11/03 (GERMAN) 
IS 2003-51 The Manifestation November 1st, 2003 - Let's Go To Berlin!  (GERMAN) 
IS 2003-50


Why Harald Rein must not be Speaker at the Manifestation 1st of November  -  What are the views of H. Rein, and what is his real standpoint about the protest movement against eradication of social rights. A short documentation (GERMAN) 
IS 2003-49


Preparation of the Manifestation on 1st of November.
Reconstruction of the meeting on 2003/10/12 in Berlin - Statement
Hartmut Dicke, Klaus D., Gerhard W. (attending members of  GNE)
IS 2003-48

A Communique speaking for itself   (GERMAN)
Statement of members preparing the manifestation on 1st of November (03/10/11)

IS 2003-47

Discussion about Questions of Principle - Answer to Dieter Stolpe ( / OKF-Süd) about ' The Black-Out in the US, the Question of Reliable Power Supply in Germany, and the View of Ver.di' (German Trade Union for the Services Sector)   (GERMAN) - IS 2003-41

IS 2003-46 The so called 'Protocol' of Petra Kirstein must be rejected (GERMAN)
IS 2003-45 Nationwide Manifestation November 1st in Berlin -- The Dispute about the Manifestation and the Roles of ATTAC and MLPD, SPD and Churches (GERMAN)
IS 2003-44 The Refusing of the Israeli Combat Pilots - A Courageous Political Signal (GERMAN)
IS 2003-43 The Memory of the Bloody Military Overthrow in Chile - September 11th, 1973
IS 2003-42 The Succeeding in the Confrontation Cannot Be Talked Away - About Jürgen Peters' Election as Chairman of the IG Metall (German Metal Worker Trade Union)   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-41 The Black-Out in the US, the Question of Reliable Power Supply in Germany, and the View of Ver.di (German Trade Union for the Services Sector)   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-40 The Attempt with Hueck's Candidature - Another Provocation Against IG Metall  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-39 August 21, 1968 -- 35 Years Ago the USSR and Four Further Countries of the Warsaw Treaty Occupied the CSSR August 23, 2003  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-38 Action Meeting Wants Nation-wide Manifestation Against Deprivation of Social Rights August 18, 2003   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-37


About some new economic developments
- American economy boosted by armament expenditure?
- About some reports by the German business daily "Handelsblatt"

  by Hartmut Dicke  August 7th, 2003

IS 2003-36 The Attack from the Other Side
--About an Article "Need Against Misery" by Mag Wompel (Labournet) in the "Junge Welt" of July 12th   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-35 The Next Chess-Move - Zwickel's Resignation ? July 18, 2003   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-34

About the US' New Diplomatic-Military Grab for Africa   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-33

Congo in the Focus of Neo-colonial Exploitation and Fighting for Spheres of Influence
- Against the Intervention in the Congo by the EU

IS 2003-32

Giving Up the Strike was Ordered from Above
Thus the IG-Metall Leaders Make the Colleagues Miss Success  (GERMAN)

IS 2003-31 Continue the Strike Now - Don't Just Give In When It Matters   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-30 By Interrupting the Strike at the ZF Factory the Danger of Breaking Off the Whole Strike is Given   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-29 What the Media Are Delivering About the Strike - Rabble Rousing Propaganda Like Never Before ! June 6, 2003   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-28

ZF Factory in Brandenburg, Monday, 23rd of June
Striking Colleagues Standing Up in Confrontation

IS 2003-27

Let Us Lay the Foundations for the Social Struggles Ahead  - Speech by Petra Kapeki of the "Berlin Alliance for Basic Social Rights - Stop the Hartz Plans" (Anti-Hartz-Alliance) at the Rally Against the "Agenda 2010" on the Occasion of the SPD Special Party Congress in Berlin on June 1st, 2003   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-26 Flyer for the Demonstration Against Cuts of Social Standards on May 17, 2003 in Berlin  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-25

The Demonstrations of Protest Against Cuts of Social Standards are Just a Beginning   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-24

About the Origin of Judaism - Development and Significance
By Hartmut Dicke

IS 2003-23 1st of May, 2003:
Movements in Our Country - and the Positions of Some Demonstrations Concerning Them
IS 2003-22

Open US-imperialist Slogans on a So-called Antifa May Day Demonstration in Berlin-Mitte and Kreuzberg! Fascist Demonstration Out of Berlin!   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-21 Iraq Under the Occupying Power – The Dimensions of Cultural Vandalism
IS 2003-20 Critical Remarks About the Article "The Weapons of the Global Military Terror - The Military Apparatus of the USA"  (IS 2003-17 by wgr)   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-19 The Looting and Devastation of Archaeological Treasures in Iraq Under the Responsibility of the USA   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-18

The Fast Collapse of Baghdad's Defence - Facts and Thoughts  (GERMAN)

IS 2003-17 The Weapons of the Global Military Terror - The Military Apparatus of the USA   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-16 Our Position for Fighting Against Deprivation of Social Rights (so called Hartz-Policy)   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-15

Political Conclusions From The First Days of War  March 25, 2003   (GERMAN)

IS 2003-14 Straight Positions for Mayday 2003   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-13 March 20, 2003  The Aggression Has Started
IS 2003-12 The USA Threaten the World with a New Bomb - a Weapon of Mass Destroying   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-11

How Has it Historically Come to Today's US' Monopoly of Power?
- The Role of Modern Revisionism

IS 2003-10

About the Importance of the World-wide United Front Against the Iraq War.
- How is the Opposition by France and Germany to be Judged? - About the Pro-Bush-Activities of Certain "Leftists"

IS 2003-09

The Fairytale of the US as a Liberating Power Has to Be Done Away With
Something about German history and the role of the USA at the installation of Nazi fascism

IS 2003-08 About the Announced Declaration of War by the US  March 17, 2003
IS 2003-07 How German "Agencies" and the FAZ wants to turn it - the Hypocritical Moaning and Groaning on Iraq´s Missiles  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-06 A Remarkable Signal Against Imperialist War February 16, 2003  (GERMAN)
IS 2003-05

About the U.S. War Propaganda
Always the same Trick: Bin Laden & Cie.  (GERMAN)

IS 2003-04 One More Time: There’s a limit to everything!
The "Autonomous Antifas" now Openly Supporting US' War Against Iraq   (GERMAN)
IS 2003-03 There’s a limit to everything! 
About the Anti-Communist Statements of the Call of the So-called "Antifascist Action Berlin"

IS 2003-02

The Demonstration's Target
Demonstration in Commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht on the 12th of January, 2003 in Berlin  (GERMAN)

IS 2003-01 New Year Greetings for 2003


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