Internet-Statements 2010

Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists.

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IS 2010-01 Comment to report: 'Economic Crisis beautified Climate Record'
Success Message from which view? (German)
January 1st, 2010
IS 2010-02 Shutdown of the nuclear power plant in Lithuania (German) January 1st, 2010
IS 2010-03 To Sort Things out from a Principal Approach or : Class Struggle remains the Chain Link (German)
January 10, 2010
IS 2010-04 Remarks to the climate summit in Copenhagen (German) February 7, 2010
IS 2010-05 "Never again must bloodthirsty dictators are ignored ..." - comment on Perez's visit in January (German) February 10, 2010
IS 2010-06 The snow removal scandal - or the inability of the state to fulfill its public functions (German) February 8, 2010
IS 2010-07 METROPOLIS - critique of capitalism - but from which side? (German) February 13/14, 2010
IS 2010-08 Gloss: The concerns of Mr Rüttgers about "acceptance" in the population (German) March 27, 2010
IS 2010-09 "Blowing Up Russia"? - To the criminal attack on Moscow Metro users (German)
March 29/30, 2010
IS 2010-10 Cruel death by starvation of two years old Lea - and the youth welfare office has not responded to notices of the neighborhood! (German)
March 31, 2010
IS 2010-11 The crash of Smolensk - shall people once again believe in accidents? (German) April 10/11, 2010
IS 2010-12 After the plane crash - The volcanic cloud (German) April 21, 2010
IS 2010-13 About the current indictment in the Buback murder case (German) April 21, 2010
IS 2010-14 The strange war against the Taliban (German) April 21, 2010
IS 2010-15 About the new agreement between Russia and Ukraine - including Addendum ("update" from May 6, 2010) (German) April 27, 2010
IS 2010-16 In principle about the situation and the upcoming election in North Rhine-Westphalia (German) May 5, 2010
IS 2010-17 Commentary: What politicians say in this country sometimes - and what they obviously mean (German) April
IS 2010-18 Greek conditions?
May 4, 2010
IS 2010-19 Election in North Rhine-Westphalia - The Arrogance of alleged election winner (German) May 10, 2010
IS 2010-20 Of the absurdities of so-called tax on speculation (German) May 14, 2010
IS 2010-21 Ackermann's Gala on ZDF (German) May 19, 2010
IS 2010-22 Federal President Horst Köhler - advocating for imperialist policy with military force, and also for the reactionary "ecological revolution" has resigned (German) May 31/June 1st, 2010
IS 2010-23 About the crisis of this republic (German) June 5, 2010
IS 2010-24 June 12: Demonstration against the austerity package in Stuttgart - own report (German) June 12, 2010
IS 2010-25

Worker’s Struggle in China for Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions Must Be Broadly Supported  

June 17, 2010
IS 2010-26 Seasons are coming and going, the problems at the Berlin S-Bahn remain (German) July 10, 2010
IS 2010-27 The Berlin S-Bahn - Is now the summer to blame? (German) July 10, 2010
IS 2010-28 Like a Mafia-Codex - The sudden death of the Berlin Judge Kirsten Heisig is by no means solved! The thesis of the alleged suicide is not credible. (German)
July 12, 2010
IS 2010-29 Note on today's "Tagesthemen" of 15 July 2010 (death of the judge of the Juvenile Court Kirsten Heisig - - - Merkel's visit to Russia) (German) July 15, 2010
IS 2010-30 Taxes on Banks instead of cuts in public expenditure- Hungary opposes IMF (German) July 19, 2010
IS 2010-31 Mass panic at Love Parade - first thoughts on this (German) July 25, 2010
IS 2010-32 Mass panic and deaths at the 'Love Parade' in Duisburg
Intent or stupidity - or both? (German)
July 25, 2010
IS 2010-33 One blames the other - and what now? - More details about the deadly organizational disaster Duisburg (German) August 5, 2010
IS 2010-34 Addendum: The case of the death of Judge Kirsten Heisig
What does it reveal about the situation of the society in Berlin? (German)
August 20, 2010
IS 2010-35 What is the purpose of the so-called tax on nuclear fuel elements? (German) August 20, 2010
IS 2010-36 Xenterio before collapse
That's all? And none of those responsible persons are taken into account (German)
August 14/25, 2010
IS 2010-37 The so-called "withdrawal of U.S. combat troops" from Iraq (German) September 8, 2010
IS 2010-38 About the demonstration "Freedom instead of Fear - Stop the surveillance mania" on 11/09/2010 (German) September 13, 2010
IS 2010-39 Not just runtime extension - New nuclear power plants are needed! (German) September 17, 2010
IS 2010-40 What is the real scandal of Hartz IV? (German) September 28, 2010
IS 2010-41 Commentary: At least we now know why Mr. Wulff has won the election (German) October 4, 2010
IS 2010-42 Right and wrong combinations About the celebration in honor of Judge Kirsten Heisig in Neukölln: Thank you, Mr. Buschkowsky! - This is exactly what was missing (German) September 23/October 3, 2010
IS 2010-43 Fundamentals to the current debate about Hartz IV (German) September 23/October 14, 2010
IS 2010-44 Skilled workers from abroad? Who is not capable of becoming a skilled worker? (German) October 27, 2010
IS 2010-45 Why Ireland, especially now? (German) November 22, 2010
IS 2010-46 A truly bizarre story: - About the publication of a memo in the case of Heisig by the public prosecution department Berlin (German) December 8, 2010



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