Internet-Statements 2004
Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various mailing lists.

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IS 2004-81

'One-Euro-Jobs - Working for Tariff Zero? - and without Rights! (German)

IS 2004-80

There's Nothing Social to be found in this, Mr. Franz! (German)

IS 2004-79

Once Again on the so-called Treaty about Non-Proliferation - 'Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty'

IS 2004-78

Is it unjustified to State that Andrea Schoen (Author of 'Offensiv') in Actual Fact Supports the US' War? - Answer to the Editorial Staff of! (German)

IS 2004-77

What has to be thought of the Statement by 'Rote Fahne' Editorial Staff? (German)

IS 2004-76

The US' Financial Crisis - Deeper Disruptions of the International Financial System are Heralded (German)

IS 2004-75

Who is Yushchenko ? (German)

IS 2004-74

About Nazi Fascism - Corner Points No. 1 (German)

IS 2004-73

On the so called Refutation of Hegemony in 'Offensiv' (German)

IS 2004-72

The Ukrainian Election Campaign and the West (German)

IS 2004-71

Why does the 'Rote Fahne' Deal with a so called 'Sozialistisches Büro Bernburg' without losing a Word about this 'Büro' Making Propaganda for the Neo- Nazis' (German)

IS 2004-70

Again the NPD's Status is Purposefully Enhanced in Saxony (German)

IS 2004-69

The Crimes against the Iraqi People and Different Sides of Resistance

IS 2004-68

10.000 Demonstrate in Nuremberg (Own Report German)

IS 2004-67

About the Presidential Election in the USA (German)

IS 2004-66

Opel Bochum: Heavy Manipulations at the Assembly of the Work Force on October 20 in Order to Restart Work Again under any Circumstances (German)

IS 2004-65

Opel Bochum: Facing an Important Decision - The Intensification is Unavoidable in the End (German)

IS 2004-64

Great Demonstration in Bochum - A Rally Showing: We do not want this reduction of jobs any longer (German)

IS 2004-63

Opel: How to Support; Hands-On (German)

IS 2004-62

No Reduction of Jobs at Opel No so-called 'Socially Acceptable' Lay-Offs (German)

IS 2004-61

About the Situation at Opel (German)

IS 2004-60

Details about the Demonstrations last Weekend (May 10, 2004 German)

IS 2004-59

Again a Great Demonstration (German)

IS 2004-58

Nationwide Manifestations against Hartz IV (German)

IS 2004-57

The Closure of Numerous Karstadt Sites - a New Wave of Lay-Offs on the Horizon (German)

IS 2004-56

Just a Spotlight Concerning 'Monday Demo' in Berlin (German)

IS 2004-55

About the Events at the 'Monday Demo' in Berlin, 20th of September 2004 (German)

IS 2004-54

To Counter the Neo-Nazis effectively (German)

IS 2004-53

Hartz IV, NPD, and the Election Campaign in Saxony (German)

IS 2004-52

A new, denouncing Slander
The MLPD and the Dispute about the 'Monday Demos' (German)

IS 2004-51

Friends and Promoters of the Islamic-Imperialistic Slaughterers of the Children -
About the Role of the Media in the Case of Beslan (German)

IS 2004-50

The 'Monday Demos' and Growing Support for the NPD in the Saarland (German)

IS 2004-49

Hostage-Taking in Beslan: Islamic Barbarism and Imperialist Backgrounds

IS 2004-48

Two Competing Nationwide Meetings for the 'Monday Demos' (German)

IS 2004-47

First 'Monday Demo' in Offenburg (German)

IS 2004-46

What Are 'Monday Demos' and what have they been? (German)

IS 2004-45

August 16, 'Monday Demo' against Hartz IV, Berlin (German)

IS 2004-44

Remembering the Outstanding Revolutionary Ernst Thälmann (German)

IS 2004-43

Strike at Daimler-Chrysler: This Time the Site Groups of the MLPD Playing an important Role - but the Conclusions are not Acceptable (German)

IS 2004-42

About a Defamatory Attack against Mao Zedong and the whole Chinese Revolution on the Site of ' (German)

IS 2004-41

On questions concerning the policy of the Communist Party of China during the sixties and seventies
On an article and a debate with Michael Opperskalski

IS 2004-40

About the Planned Settlement at Daimler-Chrysler- According to the latest Reports
This Undermines the Fight! (German)

IS 2004-39

Daimler-Chrysler: Thoughts during the Night of the Negotiations (German)

IS 2004-38

Daimler-Chrysler: Can the Promise to Secure the Economic Future of the Locations be Taken Serious? (German)

IS 2004-37

Resistance Against Longer Workdays and Wage Cuts
What about the Experiences of Last Year's Strike? (German)

IS 2004-36

About the Results of the Nato-Meeting in Istanbul - Iraq, Caucasus and Central Asia, the Position of Turkey etc. (A commentarial press overview, German)

IS 2004-35

Notes on the Shortage of Resources and Energy (German)

IS 2004-34

40 Hours and Cut in Wages - How to Confront the Blackmail? (German)

IS 2004-33

US Destructive Occupation of Iraq and a Dubious Decision in the UN Security Council (German)

IS 2004-32

'Livelihood Income for Everybody' and 'Unconditional Basic Income for Everybody' - Working or Not?!
- About the character of these demands, brought up by a few

IS 2004-31

Interesting Insights about MLPD's Policy of Alliances (German)

IS 2004-30

The Reason Why these Authorities Are Unable to Get Rid Of the 'Kalif of Cologne' (German)

IS 2004-29

The Fight against Social Deprivation: How to Proceed? (German)

IS 2004-28

Answer to Edith Bartelmus-Scholich - About the Question of Feminism (German)

IS 2004-27

On First of May, 2004

IS 2004-26

On the Basics of the 'Berliner Sozialbündnis' (Proposal) GNE 04-25-2004 (German)

IS 2004-25

Well Done, Cyprus ! (German)

IS 2004-24

Islamist Terror against the People of Spain - A Trace going long way back in History. Franco and the'Moros' -(German)

IS 2004-23

The Ultra Reactionary Hamas Organisation - Quotations from its Program (German)

IS 2004-22

Some Points About Military Principles - Suicide Attacks

IS 2004-21

The latest events in Palestine

IS 2004-20

Details about the Controversy with Gerald Hoffmann and the 'Studienkreis' - Debate on Revisionism (German)

IS 2004-19

Why Now Attacks from the MLPD (German)

IS 2004-18

Big Rally and Demonstration on April 3rd in Cologne - Impressions of a Participant (German)

IS 2004-17

Protest Rally on April 2nd at Siemens-Turbinenwerk - own report (German)

IS 2004-16

Again on Blüm in Cologne and Edith Bartelmus-Scholich (German)

IS 2004-15

The DGB on April 3rd, Blüm and our Opposition (German)

IS 2004-14

Thoughts on the Terror Attacks in Madrid (German)

IS 2004-13

About the Terror Attac in Madrid - Lessons learned (German)

IS 2004-12

Bloody Terrorism against the People of Spain (German)

IS 2004-11

About the 'Aktionskonferenz' in Berlin on April 6th - The most important facts in brief (German)

IS 2004-10

What To Put Against It ? About April 3d, 2004 (German)

IS 2004-09

Idealism and Splitting - About the Attacks by Gerald Hoffmann and the 'Schulungsgruppe' led by him (German)

IS 2004-08

About the Pilot Deal in the Bargaining Round of the Metal Industry (German)

IS 2004-07

Bargaining Round in the Metal Industry Shortly Brought to an End (German)

IS 2004-06

The Bargaining Round in the Metal Industry - Again a Sharp Conflict (German)

IS 2004-05 The Course of the Dispute with P. Wahl and W. Rätz ofthe 'Attac-Ko-Kreis' at the 'Frankfurter Aktionskonferenz' (German)
IS 2004-04

First Informations about the ' Aktionskonferenz' in Frankfurt - Remarkable Points (German)

IS 2004-03

Critical Comments about the ' Aktionskonferenz' 2004 January 17/18 (German)

IS 2004-02

January 2004: New Students' Action (own report 01-07-2004) (German)

IS 2004-01 About the draft presented after the 'Frankurter Aktionskonferenz' on 12-13-2003
Worsening the Original Draft  (German)